Solo Cross Country Endorsement with ATC Radio

Last weekend my instructor put me through a flight test to make sure I was ready for my solo cross country endorsement. The test consisted of multiple towered and non-towered airports to see how I handled the workload with a number of radio handoffs and airspace navigation. Continue reading


Sterile cockpit

To close out the flight lesson yesterday I was working on a few soft field landings with my instructor at our home base, KHFD. During the first few approaches we were instructed by the tower to use right traffic for runway 2 which is typical due to a noise abatement. After one of the touch-and-goes, tower directs us to use left traffic for the next trip around the pattern. Since my instructor usually provides feedback on the previous landing while we are climbing out on upwind, we both missed the first two calls from the tower. Continue reading

Flight Following in the Real World

If you’re early in your training and haven’t yet used Flight Following then this post is for you. What seems like a simple concept to get traffic advisories can actually be a bit overwhelming the first time. Here’s an overview of the communications from my latest cross country round trip flight between Hartford Brainard (KHFD) and Dutchess County (KPOU). Continue reading