FlyQ EFB ClearVue Charts

If you’re already an AOPA FlyQ EFB subscriber you probably received the recent email announcing their new updated “ClearVue Charts”. If you missed the email, pay attention, it’s worth it.

As soon as I saw the samples in the email I ran to get the iPad and started refreshing maps. Turns out everything looked the same. WTF? Sometimes it helps to read the rest of the message, especially where it says:

Tip:  FlyQ EFB and SmartPlates & Charts normally downloads Sectionals for areas that have changed, not all Sectionals.  If you want a complete set of the new ClearVue Sectionals, delete the Sectionals you have now using the Delete button in the VFR Sectionals area of the ChartData Manager in FlyQ EFB.”

So I did that and I was quite impressed. Here’s a comparison from my neck of the woods.

FlyQ charts - Old

FlyQ charts - ClearVue


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